Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Security Policy

A. For ordinary website visitors:

The personal data collected are further categorized into the data of ordinary visitors and the data of the users of the website services, as follows: During your navigation on the website, data is collected about the use of the website (“usage data”) for purposes of analyzing the use and monitoring and improving the website and the services provided. Usage data may include your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source (from which page you arrived at the website), duration of visit, page views and website navigation paths, as well as information about the timing, frequency and manner of your use of the website and its services. The source of the usage data is Google Analytics. How Google Analytics collects and processes data can be found here:

The above personal data of website visitors is limited to the information required for the operation and improvement of this website and our services in accordance with the applicable personal data legislation. The Company collects and processes data exclusively for the purposes of the legal and proper operation of the website and to offer visitors and users of the website the best possible user experience.

B. For corporate customers:

In the context of using the website ( personal data is collected and processed in the event that the Customer expresses interest (i) in one of the Company’s products (ii) for cooperation with the Company and ( iii) for communication with the Company.

In particular, in all the cases under (i) to (iii) above in which the Customer, a natural or legal person, expresses interest in some of the Company’s services, data is collected which, depending on the type of business, may also be personal data and which include the following: company name, contact person, management details, postal code, telephone numbers, email, activity. The above personal data of the users of the website services are used by the Company in order to contact you for the purposes of information about its products and services.

C. as Responsible and Executor of the Processing, in accordance with the EU General Data Regulation. 2016/679

  1. Clarifications on the processing of personal data of Customers

By purchasing services/products made by the Customer through his communication with the Company, he declares that he wants the Company to undertake on his behalf the completion of a task or the mediation between the Client and a third party for the completion of a task in the capacity of the Company as a provider of internet services and software applications.

The Company, based on the information/data declared by the Customer on its website/order form, should include him in a homogeneous category and calculate, based on his statements, the appropriate and proportional product/service for the Customer. In order to do this, it is necessary for the Customer to declare the specific categories of personal data of its customers to which the Company will gain access for the provision of specific services and support and which will be indicated in the relevant fields of the order form. These data are objectively essential for the fulfillment of the purpose and the operation of the service provided. Correct and complete information on the information requested by the Company constitutes an obligation of the Customer. It is possible that inaccurate or incomplete information on the information requested by the Company may establish the right to request the Company even to cancel or terminate the service provided at any time.

For as long as the service contract remains in force, the Company will process the data of the Customer or customers following a specific, case-by-case order that is necessary for its operation, based on the express consent that the Customer has granted it herein stage through the service/product order or at any other subsequent stage.

After the Customer places the software/service order, completed in all fields, the Company will proceed, for the reasons mentioned above, in each act or series of acts of processing the Customer’s data and with the help of automated means such as e.g. collecting, registering, organizing, correcting, storing, adapting, changing, retrieving, searching for information. The Company also uses automated means to complete the order and provide the service. Through these automated means, the Company can make decisions more quickly, with greater accuracy, transparency and consistency. However, in these cases, regular relevant checks are carried out by competent employees of the Company.

The Company, in the context of protecting its legal interests, frequently carries out checks, through certified automated means, for reasons of preventing fraud against it or the leakage of personal data of Customers or other third parties.

The Company will keep the Customer’s data for as long as a contractual relationship between them is maintained exclusively in electronic form. In the event that, for any reason, this is interrupted, the Company will keep them for as long as is required until the statute of limitations for any related claims has passed. However, in any case the Company will keep the data for a period of up to one (1) year from the end of the cooperation between them.

The Customer can exercise, as the case may be, the following rights: the right of access (to find out which data we process, why and the recipients